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About Tru Optik

Over 3 Billion Per Day

We use Big Data analytics to turn worldwide digital media consumption and sharing into revenue generating actionable intelligence.

Our Power

In today's fast paced and connected world, knowledge is no longer power. Knowing first is, and we understand consumer demand earlier than anyone.

We Provide Insight, Not Just Data

Tru Optik delivers leading indicators of consumer and audience demand across thousands of demographic, psychographic and behavioral metrics.

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40% of all movies, tv shows, albums, video games, and software downloads worldwide occur using the BitTorrent Protocol.

We are the only real-time IP verified aggregator of this data.

Analyzed Public Sources

  • youtube
  • soundcloud
  • lastfm
  • instagram
  • spotify
  • rotten tomatoes
  • daily motion
  • vimeo
  • imdb
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • plus many more

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Leading indicators of audience demand

IP Verified P2P

Unmonetized Demand

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Real-time Sprinklers


Tru Space

Aggregate, categorize, analyze, store

Single Solution Warehouse/Analytics


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Know what your target audience is doing, not just what they're saying.