Custom Solutions


Through past experience, our knowledge of rubber and other related materials will prove to be invaluable to any designer concerned with reliability and price.  Rubber Supplies Company is a regional stock distributor for most leading manufacturers of gasket materials and other industrial products.  We also offer prompt delivery, in many cases within 36 hours, of custom designed prototypes in a wide variety of materials.



Shown to the right are some samples from various applications completed by Rubber Supplies Company with complete customer satisfaction.


teflon tape resize

Available in pure or filled configurations of rod, tubing, sheet, skived tape or molded. Also in pump packing.

Temperature: –300ºF to +500ºF.

Highly resistant to most chemicals, strong solvents, caustics and acids; excellent dielectric properties; lowest coefficient of friction of any materials.



Outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone and most solvents; retains properties for long exposure to high temperatures. Flame resistant, low permeability; ability to recover following deflection in different applciations.

Temperature: 22ºF to 446ºF

Textiles (Fiberglass)

fiberglasstape resized

Economical replacement for Asbestos cloth in almost all plant applications. Used as insulating barrier to fie and flame, heat and cold. Can be easily fabricated to many different shapes and forms for your applications. Available in sheet, tape, tube, and rope form. Also used as safety shield in welding and steel cutting environments. May be coated with many materials.

Temperature: Up to 1100ºF. Retains high strength at elevated temperatures; resists fire.


graphite sheet resize

Self-lubricating; dimensionally stable and impervious to gases and fluids. Available in tape, sheet and die-formed rings. Also available with mesh inserted sheet and packing for pumps. Chemical resistant (pH 0-14), except where strong oxidizers are present. Good thermal properties.


Sponge-cord-1024x751 resized

Available in different polymers such as neoprene, EPDM, silicone, nitrile and blends. Available in sheet and strip, with or without psat. Non-water absorbent material, used where weathering and chemical resistance are important. (Available in cord.)

Mechanical Rubber

NBR_mechanical_rubber_seal_for_submersible_sewage resized

Comes in a variety of forms, both natural and synthetic and is an important gasketing material since it is elastic and seals joint imperfections under comparative light bolt loading. It is manufactured in a number of different hardnesses, scaling from 20-95. Shore A Duro is available in different thicknesses. Can be reinforced with single or multiple plies of various types of fabrics or wire.

Carbon/Braided Packing (For Pumps)

carbon braided resized

Long life, low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity plus fast startup time, high chemical resistance.

Temperature: – 200ºF to 650ºF in atmosphere; to 1200ºF in steam.

Sizes: 1/8” – 1”; other sizes available.

Shaft Speeds to 3,000 fpm plus

pH 0-14, except strong oxidizers.

Some applications include centrifugal pumps, agitators, ball, globe, gate and plug valve stems.



Outstanding elastomer for extremely high and low temperatures (-160ºF to +400ºF). Excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone, sunlight and heat agin. Has fair resistance to oil and gas but poor resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Furnished in sheet extrusion or molded specialties.