General Information About Tax Sales

Please read the brochure at this link FIRST because it answers most questions about how tax sales work: GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT TAX SALES. Please do not call the municipality or its attorney with questions about tax sale properties or procedures until after you have thoroughly reviewed this brochure and the information below.

At the auction, bidders will be required to sign a registration agreement which contains the following terms: BIDDER’S AGREEMENT

Registration occurs at the auction, not before. Unless the municipality announces otherwise, bids must be offered in person at the auction rather than by mail or phone. The municipality cannot sell a property privately before the public auction date. You may not bid on a property if you are its owner or if you hold a lien or mortgage on it.

Each bidder must bring all of the following to the auction:
(1) A valid government-issued ID.
(2) The legal name and either social security number (for individuals) or federal ID number (for corporate entities) for whoever will take title to the purchased property.  For example, if you would like two people listed on the deed, bring both social security numbers with you.  If you would like the deed to be in the name of a corporation or LLC, make sure you know its exact legal name and its federal ID number at the time you register.
(3) If you are bidding on behalf of another person, you must also bring a valid written authorization such as a signed power of attorney.
(4) A $5,000 deposit per property (or other amount specified in the notice) is mandatory in cash or certified funds.  This includes a check drawn by a bank on the bank’s own funds (often called a bank check, cashier’s check, teller’s check, or official check), or a money order. Personal checks and home equity line checks will not be accepted.  The deposit must either be payable to “Pullman & Comley, Trustee” or payable to yourself and then endorsed at the auction.  Bidders will present this deposit when they register at the auction and pay it (only) when they are declared the winner to be applied in full to the purchase price of that property.  Bidders who do not win will keep their deposits and may use them to bid on other properties.

The balance of the purchase price must be received from the winning bidder within five calendar days (or if the fifth day falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day) in cash or certified funds payable to “Pullman & Comley, Trustee”  or by wire transfer.  There can be no exceptions or extensions to this deadline for any reason whatsoever.   Failure to do so permanently forfeits the entire deposit and the right to purchase the property.