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JMReid Group partners with our clients to assess, develop, and deliver targeted solutions that drive measurable improvement in performance. Our approach is guided by three principles that are critical to professional development.

Context is King

In training, relevance makes the difference. While content and design methodology are critical, they cannot compensate for failure to connect with the participant's real world. Understanding your business, understanding your strategic objectives, understanding the participant's real world. Understanding trumps everything. While some other companies focus solely on a particular model or methodology, we invest our time and talent in understanding your issues. We operate with the knowledge that if we demonstrate a deep understanding of your problems and challenges, you and your participants will have reason to trust our solutions.

Engagement is the Word

Traditional training assumes that people are aware of their performance improvement needs and require only new knowledge and skills to improve. Coincidentally, this is the easiest type of training to design. We believe that unless you engage the heart, the passion to improve, nothing else matters. We leverage self-discovery activities in all of our program designs to build the conviction necessary to embrace the new knowledge and skills. We target heads, hands, and also hearts with our solutions. Training that fails to inspire, fails.

“Behavior change most frequently takes place through a much more emotional driven process…It's the emotional impact that in turn changes their behavior.”
—John Kotter, The Heart of Change

There is Wisdom In and Out of the Room

Traditional training appears to assume that participants are empty vessels. If this were the case, we would have participants open up their heads so we could dump in content—the more content the better. But it is not the case.

We believe that there is “wisdom in and out of the room.” Our role is not just to share ideas but to elicit them from the participants. Also, unlike many of our competitors, we are not limited to a single thought leader. We believe in true thought leadership, and we demonstrate this by bringing to our clients the latest thinking across the discipline we are targeting.