As a college graduate, with both a master’s and bachelor’s degree, I often reminisce on my undergraduate days at Alcorn State University in Mississippi. Warm thoughts come to mind: Brother, Dr. Walter Washington, our 24th General President was Alcorn’s president at that time. He encouraged my line brothers and I to always offer our talents and gifts to the Fraternity. Today, I ask you to join me in this effort.

I appeal to you to support my campaign for General Treasurer because I have the HEART TO SERVE and I am QUALIFED to LEAD. I believe the Fraternity administers some of the most powerful programs and projects worldwide, but the success of these initiatives depends upon the financial ability and economic strength of our organization.

This is why we must support and vote for the ALPHA QUALIFIED candidate—plain and simple. I have been QUALIFIED for every job (paid and volunteer), that I have accepted. Alpha is no different.

Click here to review my record. It reflects why brothers around the world are calling this effort the ALPHA QUALIFIED campaign. QUALIFIED IN: Investment Strategy and Analysis; Economics; Accounting; Fiscal Policy; Analytics; Financial Planning; Ethics and Compliance.

You can trust me to safeguard and grow our fraternity assets; build a strong economic foundation for our future; and be a sound voice for you–the brothers of Alpha–on the Board of Directors.

Will you help me?

You can start by donating today to help spread the ALPHA QUALIFIED message. No amount is to large; none too small.


Brother Densel V. Fleming, CFP