Patent Client Moentization Services

Dominion Harbor Group’s dynamic PVO approach and now Patent Intelligence Platform will maximize your patent portfolio’s ROI.

Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Dominion Harbor Group’s principals have negotiated over one thousand license agreements.
  • Dominion Harbor Group’s principals have generated over $600M in licensing revenue.
  • Dominion Harbor Group has executed licenses with over 400 unique companies.
  • Dominion Harbor Group has executed licenses in over 40 unique technology verticals.
  • Dominion Harbor Group mines patent portfolios for licensing opportunities.
  • Dominion Harbor Group performs a Market IP analysis so that IP roadmaps and markets intersect.
  • Analysis of patented markets and products to ensure that companies that are using our clients’ IP are identified.
  • Ability to take IP to market leveraging Dominion Harbor Group’s unrivaled transaction database.
Patent Litigation Management
  • Dominion Harbor Group is not a law firm but we have the ability to bring clients and leading IP lawyers together to achieve tangible results.
  • Dominion Harbor Group’s team actively manages all aspects of IP litigation (including strategic direction and day-to-day operations).
  • DHG will introduce its clients to top national firms for litigation and prosecution services at negotiated rates.
  • Dominion Harbor Group connects its clients with top tier technical experts and consultants to staff client projects.
Patent Prosecution Services/Audits
  • Dominion Harbor Group’s team reviews our client’s current portfolio in view of its business strategy in order to design and implement a matching IP strategy that will fully develop the client’s internal IP. This includes ensuring a client’s patenting efforts are synchronized with its core business and accurately reflect its innovative products and services, thus maximizing the value of each patent application and minimizing the time, effort and money often wasted on portfolios lacking expert oversight.
  • Dominion Harbor Group’ team has managed over 5,000 IP assets across 123 distinct portfolios and has been instrumental in the issuance of over 100 additional patents of strategic value to clients.
  • Dominion Harbor Group has generated over $100M in post-grant licensing revenue.
  • Dominion Harbor has led the defense of 34 IPR’s/CBM’s, 22 of which were instituted with only 2 adverse judgements, outperforming the market by unparalleled margins.
  • Dominion Harbor Group introduces its clients to top national prosecution counsel to perform the legal tasks inherent with patent prosecution at negotiated preferred rates.
  • Active participation in:
    • The strategy to respond to any post-grant challenges to a client’s IP.
    • The implementation of that strategy to mitigate the impact and leverage the opportunities presented by these challenges.
Patent Advisory for Underutilized Assets
  • Dominion Harbor Group helps clients optimize IP revenue streams through a variety of creative strategies, for example:
    • Identifying underutilized / non-core IP assets that would be ideal for alternative monetization strategies;
    • Evaluating that IP in light of current market factors to determine the optimal placement strategy, typically either licensing or investment in an operating company;
    • Obtaining third party offers to acquire IP (including all cash, participation and blend transactions) from various party types, e.g., operating companies, licensing entities, the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property, etc.; and
    • Remaining involved in post-divestiture monetization activities to optimize revenues.
IP Financing
  • Dominion Harbor Group offers financing for all aspects of the patent optimization process. This includes, for example, litigation costs, counsel fees, expert and consultant fees, prosecution fees and the fees associated with patent ownership (maintenance fees, annuities, etc.).
  • Dominion Harbor Group has access to a number of private equity funds and patent investment companies to support its investment in its clients’ intellectual property ventures.
Defensive Patent Services
  • Dominion Harbor Group recognizes that there are a number of patent lawsuits that are filed (both by operating entities and PAEs) that have no merit. Dominion Harbor Group is committed to helping its clients in defending these lawsuits.
  • Dominion Harbor Group leverages all aspects of its expertise in actively managing every facet of defensive litigation and defensive IP strategies for Dominion Harbor Group clients that are targeted in these actions.
  • Dominion Harbor Group also finances certain aspects of these matters and engages in alternative fee arrangement(s) with clients seeking help defending themselves in this type of litigation.

Protection, Promotion & Provision of Ideas and Inventions

Dominion Harbor Group is committed to protecting the existing IP rights of its clients, promoting the creation of additional IP rights through the innovation of its clients and providing unique access to high-value IP to those clients who need it most, young innovative companies that are engine of our economy.


Obtaining a patent always involves at least two things:

1) Sharing the invention with the public in great detail in order that knowledge and commerce may be advanced universally.

2) Great expense in both time and money to not only develop the invention but to shepherd it through the government patenting system.

At its core, the issuance of a patent represents an agreement between the inventor and the United States that, in exchange for a full disclosure of the inventive concept developed and patented at the inventor’s considerable expense, the inventor is entitled to a limited period where the use of that invention is exclusively under the inventor’s control.  This provides the inventor with the freedom to exercise that right as he sees fit, either commercializing the invention himself, or transferring that right to one or more other parties on terms he finds acceptable.  It is this right that represents the value of the patent and is the motivating factor for individuals and companies to share the results of their innovation with the public through the patent system.  Quite frequently, however, an inventor or a patent owner who purchased the patent and associated rights from another, does not realize the return on their significant investment that the patent system is designed to guarantee. Instead of the temporary right to exclusively practice the invention and/or transfer that right to others, inventors and patent owners are left frustrated, watching others take advantage of their inventions while they see no return of their own. This infringement is what patent law was designed to prevent, but it is unfortunately commonplace and on the rise as both domestic and foreign companies attempt to take advantage of weakening US patent law.

While Dominion Harbor Group prefers not to see its clients litigate, it is fully prepared to provide counsel and aggressively pursue licensing opportunities through all lawful means on an injured party’s behalf. Dominion Harbor Group is a rational actor seeking appropriate value for our clients. Protecting ideas and achieving fairness is a major component of what we do.


Startup companies and the entrepreneurs behind them have long been the engine driving the US economy and providing for the job growth necessary to sustain that economy. However, an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach are not enough to ensure the intellectual property created by these startups is adequately developed and protected through the patent system. Too often, startups spend significant time and financial resources in an attempt to patent their innovations, only to be frustrated by the difficult and nuanced patenting process and failure to realize the full potential of their IP. This frustration is likewise reflected in inventors, whose capital it is that has been spent only to later discover the anticipated value was lost through inexperience in the process. DHG provides unique expertise and experience through the customized, expert services that it offers to young innovative companies to ensure the highest possible return on every dollar those companies invest in protecting their innovations.

Specifically, Dominion Harbor:

  • Evaluates the core ideas underlying a company’s products and/or services, ensuring the company is being truly innovative and working with the company to adjust when necessary
  • Develops and implements a overall IP strategy for the company, ensuring its current innovations are properly protected and a plan is in place to continue to provide protection as those innovations grow, expanding and diversifying as the company grows
  • Through its relationship with the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property, provides unique and proprietary access to high-value, curated third party IP that can be invested in the company, improving the company’s IP position overnight – for more details, see the “Provision” section below

As a result of the process, Dominion Harbor’s clients broaden their freedom to operate and increase market share potential by building a hedge against competition as well as a bulwark against frivolous IP-based lawsuits. The combination of these factors not only lowers the cost of capital for startups possessing a robust IP portfolio, it also better positions them for successful strategic exits.


Through its proprietary relationship with the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property, Dominion Harbor offers its clients unique access to high-value, professionally curated IP that has been acquired by the Bank from various sources who see value having their patents invested in dynamic young companies. Dominion Harbor actively seeks to place the Bank’s assets with these companies, ensuring mutual benefits for both the those who invested their assets in the Bank as well as those who have had those assets invested in their company. As a result, the Bank, through the expert services and advice of Dominion Harbor, effectively provides a vehicle through which valuable IP assets can be “bought” and “sold” through various transactional structures without the inefficiencies and frustrations of litigation. Not only are these transactions accomplished outside of the courtroom, they have the additional benefits of offering a return on the investment initially made in the IP transferred to the bank as well as promoting the success and growth of the young companies whose innovative products and services will shape the economy of tomorrow.

Like many of our clients, Dominion Harbor Group is entrepreneurially driven and has partnered with a variety of companies to purchase or co-invest in quality patent portfolios. If you have a portfolio that you think may be of interest please contact us at


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