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Patent Intelligence Platform – Coming Soon

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The Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) technology team is excited to announce its soon to be released – Patent Intelligence Platform. The new service will offer a proactive, hands-off approach to patent monetization and commercialization to generate more value, faster.

Just advise us which portfolios you want to monetize and we’ll do the rest. There is nothing to learn, Our automated platform does the work.


What to Expect

  • Real Time Patent Portfolio Optics

    • See prioritized list of highest value & highest likely to transact patents
    • We monitor & update your PTO activity and your closest competitors
    • We track the IP legal landscape and diagnose the implications to your portfolio
    • We record ever IP transaction & overlay them with business market data
  • Assigned Experienced Analyst

    • Hand Curated bundling & matching to high value targets
    • Experienced IP transaction analyst assigned to your account
    • Provide recommendations to license, sell, buy, invest, abandon patents
    • Easily allow Dominion Harbor to execute our monetization recommendations
  • Accessible

    • Access your account from any browser or smartphone
    • Unlimited User Access within your company for one fixed price

As a valuable beta client your first 60 days will be on us.


patent monetization

Monetize Your Patents

The DHG team recognizes the importance of intellectual property to a strong United States and global economy. Protecting and promoting intellectual property rights encourages innovation, which promotes job growth. The most powerful way to ensure patents achieve their maximum value in the marketplace is through monetization. Dominion Harbor Group champions the rights of inventors and companies to innovate and protect their inventions and DHG has success closing over $600 million in patent and IP transactions to date.

When you are ready to act on your patent monetization goals DHG will be your go-to expert. Hundreds of transactions and more thant $600 million already transacted, you know you can trust your patents to DHG.


The Congress shall have power… To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.

United States Constitution
Article I., Section 8