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Dominion Harbor has a specialized patent and licensing team to manage, enforce and monetize IP portfolios. Dominion Harbor spans the F500 & Global 2000 across to the individual inventor whose patents and patent needs demand world class IP Transaction attention.

Dominion Harbor Management Team

Our team boasts over $600.0 Million in IP Transactions across its client base and collectively nearly 100 years of combined Patent Monetization experience.

David Pridham

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

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David Pridham serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Dominion Harbor Group. David has over fifteen years of extensive and varied experience in counseling clients on the protection of intellectual property assets. David’s experience includes managing IP licensing campaigns, overseeing litigation strategy and implementation, directing patent prosecution strategies, developing defensive IP strategies and corporate IP programs. David’s clients have generated over $600MM in revenues from campaigns that David has managed. Over the last fifteen years David has negotiated over five hundred intellectual property agreements including license agreement and patent purchase agreements.

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David co-founded IP Navigation Group and served as the Chief Executive Office during his tenure before deciding to form Dominion Harbor Group to redefine Patent Value Optimization. While serving as the C.E.O. of IPNav, David managed an extensive workforce geared at the monetization of intellectual property. At IPNav, David devised some of the more prominent IP monetization strategies from recent years including the Constellation, PACid, TQP and Cushion campaigns. Prior to joining IPNav, David served as the corporate secretary and general counsel for Firepond, Inc. At Firepond, David managed all of the corporate legal affairs and was intricately involved in developing Firepond’s IP development strategy. To date, the Firepond patent portfolio has generated over $250MM in licensing revenues as a direct result of David’s strategy. David served as a clerk for a Federal District Court Judge after graduating from George Mason University School of Law. Prior to law school, David graduated from Providence College where he received a dual degree in Philosophy and Political Science. David’s extensive experience in all aspects of patent protection and in the development of IP protection strategies are a valuable asset to Dominion’s clients.

Matt DelGiorno


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Matt DelGiorno brings nineteen years of experience in patent enforcement to Dominion Harbor. He began his career litigating dozens of patent cases as an attorney with Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. He held the honor of clerking for former Chief Judge Randall R. Rader at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He continued his career as director of IP litigation at the largest fabless semiconductor company in the world where he managed an eight figure litigation budget and had day-to-day responsibility for a four-year litigation campaign against Qualcomm that yielded more than a billion dollars in licensing revenue. Most recently, Matt worked as Executive Vice-President at one of the most successful IP Licensing groups where he negotiated more than a hundred patent acquisition, sale, and license agreements.

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He graduated summa cum laude for both his Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering. Matt obtained his JD at the University of Virginia School of Law and has front line experience in every aspect of patent law, from acquisition to prosecution and reexamination and complex litigation to licensing. Matt’s strong technical background and extensive patent experience are a powerful combination with proven success at maximizing the value of our clients patent portfolios.

Brad Sheafe

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

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Brad Sheafe brings over two decades of experience with intellectual property, ranging from criminal investigations to patent assertion, prosecution and investment. Additionally, Brad has real-world operational experience having served in executive roles, including being the president of both public and private software companies generating IP of their own. Brad is a named inventor on several utility and design patents. Brad has successfully navigated the dynamic patent landscape managing the pre- and post-grant prosecution for portfolios earning over $200M in revenues. He led the team that successfully defended an inter partes reexamination on one patent that ended up generating over $50M in licenses. Brad also defended 11 of the earliest inter partes reviews resulting in favorable settlements and has demonstrated unparalleled success with the USPTO.

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Prior to joining Dominion Harbor, Brad worked as an executive vice-president at IPNav where he engaged in all aspects of IP management, including portfolio evaluation, licensing efforts and litigation strategy. Additionally, Brad oversaw every facet of patent prosecution for a wide variety of clients, ensuring that their prosecution strategy meshed with their overall monetization strategy and that every client’s investment in prosecution resulted in high-value assets and not merely trophies. Brad brings a unique perspective and background to Dominion Harbor and the operational aspects of patent monetization strategies. After graduating magna cum laude from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Brad started his professional career with seven years as an officer in the USAF, separating as a captain to take a Special Agent position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the course of his over eleven year FBI career, Brad served as a senior cyber-crime specialist with broad-based investigative experience, leading complex investigations both domestically and overseas as well as serving as a senior SWAT team leader. As a result, Brad brings a rare combination of strategic insight and tactical know-how to ensure that all aspects of a client’s IP portfolio achieve their maximum potential and value.

Tom Hochstatter

Chief Strategy Officer

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Tom Hochstatter serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. He has 30 years of Executive Leadership experience in technology sales, marketing, product development and business/corporate development – split among the Fortune 500: Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo! and numerous start-ups. Most recently, Tom was the CEO of idealAsset and he comes to Dominion Harbor via their acquisition of idealAsset in 2016. idealAsset was founded inside of Fluid Innovation Group in 2013 on the premise that IP transactions were too hard and that it was time to ignore convention; thus, the “match.com for IP” was born.

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Previously, Tom concurrently served as CEO of Fluid Innovation were he joined in 2007.  Fluid Innovation is an Innovation Accelerator firm that has invented, built, spun out, or sold numerous IP technology solutions to make IP commercialization more scalable and efficient. His work has led to two technologies being sold via M&A, one spun out into an independent company – all while facilitating more than $40M in IP transactions worldwide. One such technology solution was Enlyton were he helped incubate, commercialize and then spin out via an institutional Venture Capital raise in 2012. Enlyton is a semantic search solution designed for complex search industries and used by market leaders in patent analytics and artificial intelligence. Tom was also the Founder and Managing Editor of IPwire which was part of the Dominion Harbor acquisition. IPWire is a leading IP transaction reporting and analysis blog with a collection of 4,500+ IP transactions; it boasts thousands of loyal followers. Check out the Twitter feed too @ipwire. Outside of Dominion Harbor, Tom sits on the Board of Directors of the ROHI Foundation – a faith-based organization dedicated to serving the underprivileged along the Texas/Mexico border. He is named as co-inventor on numerous issued and pending patents and he’s been named to IAM Magazine’s esteemed Top 300 Global IP Strategist multiple years running. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Central Washington University.  He is married with 3 grown boys and lives in Austin, Texas – attempting to “Keep it Weird”.

John Leonard

Chief Technology Officer

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John Leonard, as Chief Technology Officer, oversees Dominion Harbor’s internal proprietary software, “iPedia”, which analyzes large patent portfolios and automates licensing and deal process workflow. At scale, iPedia provides clients a clear, strategic, and effcient path to generating patent transaction revenue. With over 20 years of technical product management, John provides a unique perspective to analyzing patents via behavioral, sales & marketing, and IP Transactional Big Data.

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John’s background includes management consulting, product management, and technical leadership within various industries. Previously with Fluid Innovation, an Innovation Accelerator, John led development and was founder of multiple enterprise solutions: one to American Express’  IPZone, one spun out a new Venture Capital-backed company, Enlyton, and then joined Dominion Harbor via its acquisition of idealAsset. As a named inventor, John has pending patents and issued patents with the USPTO. Prior to Fluid Innovation, John was a management consultant with GeoAnalytics and implemented performance and predictive analytic applications within state and local government. His past also includes technology program management and data scientist for the City of Kansas City, Missouri. John’s career began with a B.S. degree in Geography with an emphasis in Geographic Information Systems (“GIS” or location based services) at Northwest Missouri State University. He also holds a Pragmatic Marketing Certification. Living in Austin, Texas, John enjoys immersing himself within the tech community.

Robert Kelly

Senior Vice President of Licensing

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Robert Kelly is a senior vice president of licensing at Dominion Harbor Group.  He has extensive experience in complex licensing transactions and management of large scale IP monetization campaigns.  Robert has counseled numerous clients covering a wide range of technologies, including cloud computing, semiconductor manufacturing, wireless encryption standards, and optical networking.  Through his involvement, those clients realized an aggregate of more than $200MM in gross licensing revenue.

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Prior to joining Dominion Harbor, Robert was a Director of Licensing at IP Navigation Group where he advised clients with respect to patent acquisitions and patent licensing.  As part of that role, Robert led teams of technical and financial analysts, instructed client counsel, and conducted licensing negotiations in order to maximize client revenue from licensed IP.  Before joining IP Navigation Group, Robert founded his own IP monetization practice and managed the launch a full service electronic discovery company based in Dallas, TX. Robert obtained his J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  He also holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and a B.S. in Accountancy (Magna Cum Laude) from Arizona State University.

Mitch Kline

Senior Vice President of Licensing

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As Senior Vice President of Licensing at Dominion Harbor Group, Mitch Kline counsels clients on the management and protection of their IP assets, and orchestrates licensing campaigns on their behalf.  Mitch commands extensive experience monetizing patents in diverse technical fields, including semiconductors, database software, networking, wireless communications, cloud computing, power management, and location-based services.  He has participated in, and managed campaigns resulting in multi-million dollar licenses, and performed diligence on portfolios from Fortune 1000 companies.  Additionally, Mitch has worked with prosecution counsel to bring more than ten Inter Partes Review proceedings to successful resolution.

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Mitch began his career at the Bridgestone Americas intellectual property department, where he worked with a legal team to manage Bridgestone’s international patent portfolio.  His passion for IP licensing led him to become a patent analyst at a tier 1 licensing shop, providing legal and technical support for licensing campaigns and patent litigation.  Prior to attending law school at Case Western Reserve University, Mitch received a bachelor’s degree in honors physics from The University of Western Ontario.

Ben Brownlow

Licensing Advisor

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Ben Brownlow has extensive experience counseling clients on monetizing their IP assets in various technology areas including network security, database software, power management, location-based services, and medical devices. Through his efforts, clients have realized millions of dollars in gross licensing revenue.

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Ben formerly worked as a Senior Patent Analyst with IP Navigation Group, where he performed initial portfolio evaluation and infringement analysis on a variety of technical areas, as well as managed litigation against Fortune 1000 defendants. Most recently, he joins Dominion Harbor Group from a leading international investment bank, where he provided securities law guidance to research analysts and investment bankers on a variety of issues. Ben earned his J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law as well as a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.