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Dominion Harbor is the global leader in bringing the best Intellectual Property to the international market.

Patent Value Optimization is the core strength of Dominion Harbor Group.

DHG has expertise in licensing innovations, obtaining royalties, managing portfolios, and optimizing the value of their IP.

Dominion Harbor Group’s proprietary PVO methods maximize ROI for our client base.

  • Dominion Harbor’s Patent Value Optimization platform provides DHG clients with access to an unparalleled suite of available IP services, provided by DHG’s experienced team of IP professionals.
  • Dominion Harbor Group has demonstrated expertise in working with entrepreneurs, companies, and universities to analyze and optimize the value of their IP with a variety of offerings:
    • Licensing a client’s innovations and obtaining royalties for inventions currently practiced in the market, offering a professionally projected revenue stream and abbreviated time to money
    • Auditing a client’s IP and creating an innovation development roadmap then working with each client to implement those IP plans
    • Identifying a client’s underutilized IP assets and offering an opportunity for a meaningful ROI through a licensing campaign or investment of those assets in an innovative young company through our proprietary affiliation with the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property
    • Investing our deep expertise and assets from the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property into innovative young companies to immediately improve their IP position, broaden their freedom to operate, lower their cost of capital and expedite a successful strategic exit
  • Dominion Harbor Group’s proprietary PVO platform maximizes ROI for our client base, regardless of the client’s current IP strategy, business environment or monetization objectives.

Client Services

Dominion Harbor Group offers a variety of services that are targeted at the needs of each individual client. We work with innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to monetize their intellectual property assets and to protect their corporate assets.

About Us

Dominion Harbor Group brings together the most experienced team of IP professionals – a team that is focused on the particular needs of its clients.

Protecting Ideas

Dominion Harbor Group is the leading provider of patent asset protection services. DHG looks to establish a national standard in patent licensing and litigation.