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Chris DePino



Chris DePino, brings many years of business and political experience to the firm. Mr. DePino served as the Republican State Party Chairman for seven years. Mr. DePino served with Governor John G. Rowland and Governor Jodi Rell, spearheading the re-election to a second and third term. 

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Additionally, he presided over the federal elections of each of the Republican Congress-people in Connecticut, the Republican State Senate and the Republican State House and created a majority of Republican Mayors and First Selectman.  In his tenure as Chairman, Mr. DePino raised nearly $12 million for his efforts, the most ever.

Mr. DePino also held elected office, serving for 8 years in the Connecticut State Legislature, representing a district which is over 90% Democrat proving Mr. DePino’s unique abilities to work in a bi-partisan manner.  As a well known Republican in the State, Mr DePino has worked in a very bipartisan manner and have developed strong relationships including many Democratic opinion leaders throughout Connecticut, including Mayors, First Selectman, Congressmen, U.S. Senators and leaders in the state’s General Assembly.

In Connecticut, there is not one elected person, opinion leader, media outlet, or grassroots activist who has not come into contact with Mr. DePino. As Republican Northeast Leadership Chairman, Mr. DePino engaged in frequent and direct correspondence with many of our nation’s Governors, Federal Officials, and the White House.

Melissa Biggs



Melissa Biggs has been with DePino, Nuñez, & Biggs since 2007, In her time with the firm, Attorney Biggs has demonstrated a natural ability in the field of lobbying. She is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and obtained her Juris Doctrate at Western New England School of Law.

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Since joining DePino, Nuñez, & Biggs, Attorney Biggs has been successful at various grassroots campaigns in Massachusetts and Connecticut. She has organized town hall meetings bringing the media, elected officials, and constituents together to discuss problems facing the community. Attorney Biggs has also been successful in several letter-writing campaigns across the state on a large spectrum of issues. While running a grassroots campaign, She has been very successful in identifying interest groups within the community who would be key allies in these campaigns, ensuring the campaigns messaging is on point.

Attorney Biggs has led many successful campaigns at the Capitol, with a keen ability to research various topics and educating members of the General Assembly about passing or amending bills in order for the legislature to better serve the people of Connecticut. Through her tenure at the firm, she has demonstrated an excellent ability to comprehend the law and spotlight both troublesome legislation and positive legislation to the client it would directly affect. Attorney Biggs is a member of the Energy, Public Utilities, and Communications Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.


Paul Nuñez Jr.



Paul Nuñez has over 10 years of government affairs experience. His work has included developing and assisting the passage of public policy from municipal budgets to developing the energy policy for the State of Connecticut.

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Mr. Nuñez grew up in the City of Hartford and began working on campaigns at a very early age.  Mr. Nuñez has taken a leadership role in many local, General Assembly and state-wide and Federal campaigns.   His vast expertise in politics varies from general strategy to targeted mail programs and fundraising.  He has offered campaigns his passion in engaging the voting public through field work and ensuring high voter turnout on Election Day. Recently, Mr. Nuñez worked to elect Governor Dannel Malloy of CT.   He has also worked extensively as Regional Coordinator for the CT House Democrats Campaign Committee, overseeing and organizing twelve State Representative races in 7 diverse communities.

Mr. Nuñez served as a lobbyist for the CT Conference of Municipalities as well as an in house lobbyist for the City of New Haven under Mayor John DeStefano.  Mr. Nuñez recently served as a Policy Analyst for the Speaker of the Connecticut General Assembly Christopher G. Donavan (D)--Meriden.  In that capacity he was entrusted by the Speaker to be a lead analyst for several committees including the Energy & Technology, and Transportation Committees.  He was responsible for guiding major pieces of legislation through the General Assembly under the Speaker’s leadership.