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One of New England’s greatest resources is the clean, healthy environment. Air and water quality are strictly protected by citizens, the government, and environmental organizations.  New England boasts clean air, clear blue skies, pure river and ocean water, green grass, and tall trees.  There are four beautiful seasons to experience: cool springs, green summers, colorful autumns, and white winters.  New England has beaches, rivers, and mountains that provide the perfect setting for fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and hunting.

New England is also the birthplace of Democracy. The entire history of the United States can be traced to New England. This area has supplied the United States with national leaders since the day the Declaration of Independence was drafted. It is where Pilgrims fleeing the England settled, where the American Revolution began, where the framers designed the structure of the United States government, where the Constitution of the United States was written, and the place that set the standard for law and order throughout the United States. To live in New England is to live in a community grounded in the history of the United States and the world.