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A Home Away From Home

American Ivy makes sure your child is safe and secure while they are preparing for a lifetime of success.  We promise to protect, encourage, and care for your child as part of our family.  We are not a boarding school; we are a home away from home. Not all children are equipped for a boarding school, which at times can be lonely and impersonal. We provide a home and family in which your child is kept warm, safe, and secure. We provide home-cooked meals, comfortable bedrooms, state of the art study areas, and educated professionals who care for and guide your child’s studies while they are away from home.


It is our mission to make sure your child never feels alone and that is why our live-in guardians are the most important element of the American Ivy family.    Each of our homes has two full time, live-in, professional, educated guardians.  In addition to protecting and advocating for your child, they provide your child with the emotional support to succeed, comfort and compassion for when they are feeling challenged or home sick.

House Mother

Each American Ivy home has one house mother who prepares and serves your child nutritious meals.  She is responsible for preparing breakfast, sending them off to school with their power lunches and greeting them when they come home with a cookie, brownie or a warm smile.  In addition to preparing meals, she is responsible for all aspects of the home’s operations:  cleaning, laundry, and shopping.

Home Cooked Meals

Like any family, we sit down together for all of our meals.  Our meals include organic, whole foods, meats and vegetables.  We start the day with a nutritious breakfast of farm fresh eggs, organic oatmeal and fresh baked bread to fuel your child for the work day.  Then they are sent to school with high energy snacks of nuts and fruits so that they aren’t tempted by candy or unhealthy snacks.  School lunches are specially designed to energize your child for the rest of the day of study and athletics.  Finally, upon arriving home your child is greeted by a family style dinner of freshly prepared meats, vegetables, organic grains and fruits.  We also know that kids need fun, so weekend treats include pizza parties, popcorn movie nights, and hot dog/burger barbecue cookouts.

A Place of Their Own

Our children all need a place of their own to rest and relax at the end of the day.  A comfortable bed, a desk to read and write, a strong WiFi signal and plenty of wall space for them to decorate the room the way they like it.

Health and wellness

Because sometimes children catch colds and have other health challenges, we provide your child with regular checkups, dental care, and in the event that they are not feeling well, a family doctor.

It’s a Small World

We know that it is hard for you to be away from your child.  That is why we invite you to join our American Ivy family for regular Skype meals and parties.  We want you to experience our family environment and to witness your child enjoying their place in our family.