• Swimmers and their competition in the pool
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  • Game Of Chess
  • Asian Tennis Player
  • Basketball
  • Football near the 50 yard line
  • Group portrait of happy multiethnic hikers standing together

Top American Universities are searching for students who exhibit more than good grades and test scores. They are interested in engaging, well-rounded students who have a variety of interests and passions beyond the classroom.


Baseball, basketball, football, rowing and fencing, are just a few of the sports that your child will participate in. At American Ivy we believe that participation in sports is important for both the athletic superstar and for those students who want to try a sport for the first time. Many children arrive unprepared or inexperienced in sports. If your child is not athletic we will provide him or her with a top coach to help find their confidence and build upon it so that they can flourish and excel in their schools sports program. At American Ivy we don’t believe that great student athletes are born with skills but that they are built with practice, hard work, and encouragement from the adults who care for them. Your child may not be athletic when they come to us, but they will leave stronger, faster, and confident.

Extra Curricular Activities

American Ivy subscribes to a philosophy of leadership through service. American Universities receives thousands of applications every year from students with good grades and athletic ability. Therefore, this is not enough to make your child’s university application stand out to the admissions officer. The top American Universities want interesting students, not just students with good grades.  This is why we make sure your child is involved in extensive community service that includes working in the community with people in need and on social projects that contribute to the greater good of the community. In addition to immersing your child in the community, we encourage your child’s artistic self in all areas: music, language, drawing, painting, and various other creative social clubs.