One Place For All Your U.S. Academic Needs

Finding the right school for your child in the United States is a difficult process.  We will manage that process from start to finish:

  • Multiple high school applications
  • Immigration
  • Travel arrangements
  • Safe and secure housing
  • Advocate¬†for your child while they attend high school
  • Preparing the best portfolio for their university applications
  • Celebrating their graduation
Other Programs

    • College Placement
    • A la Carte Placement
    • Summer Programs
    • Professional Programs

How to Apply

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Inquiries for admission are welcome at any time during the year, but the fall is when we accept applications and when most students visit the school, make a formal application, schedule admission interviews and submit testing results. All applications must be completed by January 15. Questions about the admission process should be directed to the Admission Office at or by calling (203) 397-1001 ext. 211.