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American Ivy Education starts building your child’s ideal university application on the first day of high school. After we help them gain admittance to one of the finest high schools in the United States, we begin preparing your child’s resume and application to the best Ivy League Universities. American Ivy believes that a demanding curriculum with a strong foundation of the traditional disciplines (math, science, literature) will prepare young scholars with the critical thinking and problem solving skills of tomorrow’s leaders.

We will place your child in a top New England High School and closely monitor their progress. We will advocate for your child and work closely with the school and your child’s teachers to ensure that they are reaching their maximum academic potential.

To ensure your child is achieving top grades in all their subjects, outside tutors and extra help will be provided to students who are experiencing challenges. Tutors will compliment their regular curriculum and provide help in all subjects including English, math, science, public speaking, conversational English, music, arts and any other area your child wants to improve in.